Windstorm: The Great Hurricane

Due to the sudden outbreak of a hurricane, a traveling circus, famous for its stunning numbers with horses, calls into the small German estate of Kaltenbach. Soon, Ari realizes that one of the horses of this circus, named Orcan, is in mortal danger. Together with the boy Carlo and their faithful friend, the horse Ostwind, they try to save Orkan from the cruel owner of a traveling circus. However, the shrewd director unravels their audacious plan. And Ostwind's horse is also in trouble. Ari and Carlo have very little time to rectify the situation and save Ostwind.

Genre: Movies, Family, Adventure

Actors: Luna Paiano, Hanna Binke, Marvin Linke

Director: Lea Schmidbauer

Country: Euro

Duration: 96 min

Quality: HD

Year: 2021

IMDb: 6.3