The Outpost Season 4

After summoning Zed and his Blackblood comrades to save the Outpost, Talon finds herself betrayed by her own kind and struggles to reconcile her human friends and her Blackblood heritage. With the demonic Lu Qiri providing the muscle to enforce Zed’s master plan, the Outpost’s human inhabitants are enslaved as miners in search of a mysterious substance to solve a dark riddle. As Talon discovers more about her lost family from Yavalla, she must piece together the truths from the lies, and solve the mystery of her heritage and a forgotten power, before the world becomes enslaved to a new power that could consume every living being.

Genre: Drama, TV Shows, Action, Adventure

Actors: Jessica Green, Jake Stormoen, Anand Desai-Barochia

Director: Jason Faller, Kynan Griffin

Country: United States

Duration: 45,42,43 min

Quality: HD

Year: 2021

IMDb: 6.4