The Little Rebels

Judge Julien Lamy regularly deals with the welfare of children, namely down on their luck delinquents. When an orphan named Alain Robert burns down a barn belonging to his abusive foster family, Judge Lamy has no choice but to send him to a juvenile jail. There he meets an older boy named Francis Lanoux, who is desperate to escape and be reunited with his girlfriend Sylvette. The boys eventually flee the institution, as Francis goes in search of his lost love and Alain continues looking for his parents. Unfortunately, the little rebels run into some big problems once on the outside.

Genre: Movies, Drama

Actors: Jean Gabin, Robert Dalban, Jean-Jacques Delbo

Director: Jean Delannoy

Country: France, Euro

Duration: 98 min

Quality: HD

Year: 1950s

IMDb: 6.3