Start-Up Season 1

Needing to make $90k to open her own business, Seo Dal Mi drops out of a university and takes up part-time work. She dreams of becoming someone like Steve Jobs. Nam Do San is the founder of Samsan Tech. He is excellent with mathematics. He started Samsan Tech two years ago, but the company is not doing well. Somehow, Nam Do San becomes Seo Dal Mi’s first love. They cheer each others start and growth.

Genre: Drama, Romance, TV Series, Romantic Comedy, Asian Dramas, Comedy

Actors: Suzy Bae, Joo-Hyuk Nam, Sun-ho Kim, Han-na Kang

Director: Choong-Hwan Oh

Country: South Korea

Duration: 70 min

Quality: HD

Year: 2020

IMDb: 9.0